I am a solopreneur in Open and Reproducible Research and an independent researcher at IGDORE. I am co-founder of the Digital Research Academy and Open Science Freelancers.

My research has been in the intersection of Data Science, Reproducibility and Medicine. I studied statistics and did my PhD in Biostatistics with a focus on Machine Learning.

I strongly believe that Open Science is the way we should do science.

I am happiest when on a bicycle :bike:.

How I became a solopreneur

I was struggling to be an Open Science ambassador and a researcher at the same time. It was impossible for me to follow the rules I was trying to change, so I quit my job as a researcher and made a commitment to dedicate my professional life to improve the way we do research by being an Open Science trainer and consultant. I want to help researchers in doing meaningful, reproducible and trustworthy research.

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